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If you already covered beginner guitar lessons, you should start with this series. Lessons for guitar chords, rhythm guitar, guitar scales, guitar warm-up exercise and more! Lessons specially for guitarists interested in playing popular songs, jamming with friends, or even performing live music.

In this series, our instructors demonstrate and explain chords for beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced guitar players - basic chords, rhythms and naming conventions, along with 7th chords , barre chords and shifting chord positions. You will learn different rhythm styles for playing chords and along with note divisions.

  70 videos   •   Video Length 6:20 Hours

In this series, you will learn how to play rhythm in different ways and musical styles. Instructor Bobby Koelble demonstrates rhythm playing in quarter and eighth note divisions, and muting ideas. Instructor Mike Dugan will take you into the world of blues rhythm. Instructor Mike Walker goes further into details about funk style and rhythm.

  65 videos   •   Video Length 5:41 Hours

In this series, instructor Mike Walker demonstrates warm up exercises and patterns for better movement and co-ordination of both the hands while playing guitar. Also, Mike demonstrates the use of a metronome for practice.

  9 videos   •   Video Length 0:52 Hours

In this series, instructor Steve Luciano demonstrates the major scale and its different positions. Also, instructor Mike Walker demonstrates the pentatonic scale and goes deeper into the major scale and its different modes.

  109 videos   •   Video Length 9:00 Hours

In this series, you will learn about different techniques of guitar playing. Instructor Bobby Koelble demonstrates techniques like bending, vibrato, economy picking and legato (for intermediate players). Also, you will learn about the mechanics of speed picking.

  87 videos   •   Video Length 6:45 Hours

In this series, instructor Mike Walker goes into detail about tapping. Beginners will learn one and two string tapping techniques, while intermediate players will learn how to play tapping licks in scales. Also, advanced players will learn how to do polyphonic tapping and develop independence in their hands for six to eight finger tapping ideas.

  29 videos   •   Video Length 2:38 Hours

In this series, instructor Rob Marcello demonstrates different types of arpeggios and the sweep-picking technique for 3 string to 6 string sweep-picked arpeggios. Along with the common major, minor, and seventh arpeggio shapes, you will also learn about chord inversions and diminished arpeggios.

  56 videos   •   Video Length 4:24 Hours

Here , instructor Bobby Koelble discusses and demonstrates different ways of improvisation and how you can make your playing more creative and interesting. Also, beginners will learn how to improvise over basic chord progressions and how they can improve and progress. From basic theory to more advanced nuances of playing, this series covers it all.

  97 videos   •   Video Length 9:39 Hours

In this series, instructor Bobby Koelble discusses and demonstrates the idea of creating a solo over a song or progression.  The series will include creating solos over rock, metal, reggae, pop, and fusion tracks.  Each track will include beginners, intermediate, and advanced solo lessons.

  13 videos   •   Video Length 1:06 Hours

Here, instructor Mike Dugan demonstrates how you can sing and play guitar at the same time. You will learn basic exercises, as well as, pop and blues songs to help you develop these skills. The series will further delve into singing and playing lead in the styles of BB King and other famous blues artists.

  20 videos   •   Video Length 2:40 Hours

In this series, instructor Bobby Koelble demonstrates and explains the methods and techniques that can be used by a musician for ear training. Here, you will learn how to identify intervals (major, minor, pentatonic and chromatic scales), and chords, as well as chord progressions.

  39 videos   •   Video Length 3:49 Hours

In this series, instructor Mike Dugan demonstrates different ways of writing a song. Beginning with a four step method to creating whole songs out of a single riff to building it up from a chord progression. Further, he delves intro creating a song on the spot to explain the four steps.

  22 videos   •   Video Length 1:48 Hours

In this series, our instructors explain the styles of great guitarists such as BB King, Jack Johnson, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page etc.. Here, you will learn how to create your own licks using ideas from these guitar greats.

  87 videos   •   Video Length 5:15 Hours

Here instructor Mike Walker demonstrates that one essential skill without which no guitarist can function: tuning a guitar!

  2 videos   •   Video Length 0:08 Hours

If you have questions or doubts, from how to manage your practice time to how your posture can affect your playing, then this is where you'll find the answers.

  2 videos   •   Video Length 0:16 Hours

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