Full Sail Recording Arts Grad; Likes gardening, cooking and playing Battlefileld 3 on PS3; Driven by quality and precision; Musical interests include Foster The People, Deftones, Mars Volta, Adele, Tall as lions; Plays the Piano, Guitar and Drums with equal ease; When not editing videos or dabbling in graphic design, doubles up as Torrins' Technical Advisor for Recording.
Bleeds Stanford Cardinal red; Follows Linkin Park; Crunches numbers for a living; Passionate about drums; Lives in a probabilistic world; Spends endless hours watching football & fast cars; Keeps tuning into It's my life by Bon Jovi; Jumped out of a moving plane at 15000 ft; Manages Strategy & Business Ops for Torrins and frequently pinch-hits as its Chief Creative Writer.
Aspiring photographer; Sings in Orlando-based rock band "The First Degree"; Enjoys long stints in front of the comp, rising only to stretch, scavenge for more caffeine or cook; Defines life through angles, focus, pictures, songs, colors and graphics; Loves dogs (Boxers mostly); Hates Mac & PC equally; Can't separate TV from reality, except 'Reality TV', which he thinks is all staged; Leads Torrins' video editing & graphic design divisions.
Army brat; Sweetest person when not hungry; Loves to plan; Aspires a life on the farm with dogs, horses, Range Rovers & Ducatis; Obsessed about precision – whole numbers, proper fractions and perfect shapes. Jumped out of a moving plane at 15000 ft (We have a thing for jumping out of moving planes here); Manages Torrins' PR & Social Media Marketing.
The glue that holds 'em together; Crazy about the guitar; Thinks Sachin Tendulkar is a miracle; Rocks at Table Tennis; Unbeatable in Talkathons; Pulls everyone’s leg (including his own); Worships Guns n Roses; Stalks Bollywood; Fabulous cook; Sings sometimes, but not enough; Creative Head & Chief Troubleshooter for Torrins.
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