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What at offers an easy, informal way of learning music at your convenience. We offer Guitar, Bass and Piano lessons for a variety of techniques, languages and genres. Our videos cater to music lovers at every level, from fresh beginners to advanced guitarists and keyboard players. Make sure to check out our free lessons to see it all for yourself.

What instruments do you feature?

We currently offer lessons to learn 3 instruments, Guitar, Bass & Piano/Keyboard. Not sure what to learn? You can choose to learn a single instrument & pay for just that one OR choose multiple instruments.

How are your lessons organized?

Our video lessons are organized by instrument into Topic based, Skill-level based, Instructor based, Style based and Genre based lessons. Every topic has videos starting from the very basics and proceeding to more advanced techniques in depth. While some lessons are a few minutes long, others are a few hours in length. It really depends on the instrument, the topic, the instructor and the technique being taught. We feel confident that the attention to detail our lessons focus on rather than a random collection of short clips will benefit you the most in learning guitar, bass or piano. We encourage you to make full use of the video controls and user-friendly features on our video pages so that you can focus on learning and practicing techniques that appeal to you.

How many instructors do you have?
We have on our roster more than 25 guitar, bass & piano instructors from all over the world, carefully auditioned and handpicked to develop our content. From time to time, we also include lessons from world-famous visiting artists such as Muriel Anderson, Rob Marcello, Ehsaan Noorani, Salman Ahmed and more Click here for more information on our instructors.
How often do you update the site?

We add new content every day and every week so that the learning never stops and most newly added lessons are featured right on the home page for easy access. So make sure to keep checking for new lessons and videos!

What are the hardware/software requirements?

All you need to access our videos is a computer and an internet connection via cable modem or DSL. We offer our content in low, medium, high and theater quality videos and depending on the speed of your internet connection, you can choose the appropriate resolution. Of course, the faster connection you have, the better the streaming quality. You may experience difficulty in accessing our content on slow dial-up connections. We support most web browsers including Internet Explorer 7.0 & above, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Our videos can be accessed on both Macs & PCs. We would recommend a speed of 1mbps or great. However, no less than 512 kbps

Do I have to be a Paid Member to view your content?
While you can access a few videos in the form of free lessons, you will need to register for a monthly, quarterly or annual membership to access most of our content and have other benefits including 24X7 customer support, access to our instructors and other features.
What will I get with a Paid membership?

As a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual member, you will receive complete and unlimited access to lessons, song lesson videos, blogs, reviews and all our content for the instrument you select i.e. guitar, bass, piano or all of them if you select the all-inclusive package. In addition, you'll have access to some neat features on the site including My Account, Notes, and Favorites.

  • Guitar, Piano & Bass lessons & songs in hi-def
  • Organized lessons for step-by-step instruction
  • Chord diagram & Tab libraries
  • 6000+ lessons - New lessons weekly
  • 700+ songs - New songs weekly
  • Easy account management
You'll also receive
  • Great Customer Service
  • Prompt response to your queries
  • 100% Money-back guarantee within 5 days

How often will my account be charged for my subscription?

When you sign-up for a paid membership, you are automatically enrolled for recurring payments at the end of 1 month (Monthly Subscription), 3 months (Quarterly Subscription) or 12 months (Annual Subscription) unless you cancel your subscription. The specified payment is deducted from your PayPal, Credit, Debit or Banking account through electronic fund transfer at the beginning of the new billing period. We will notify you if you do not have sufficient funds available to complete the transaction and your account will be suspended if you do not take corrective action within 48 hours of notification.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card & how secure is my information?
Registration with is encrypted and all payments are routed through secure gateways of our trusted preferred vendors - PayPal©, Authorize.Net© and CC Avenue©, who comply with state-of-the-art electronic transaction security protocols. Moreover, we never give out any personally identifiable information to any third-party services, unless as required by law. So, you can be absolutely sure about the security of all your payment and personal data.
What is your copyright policy?

We are licensed with both BMI and ASCAP to bring you only legitimate content for all guitar, bass & piano song lessons. We comply with all copyright laws as appropriate and if you believe that your property has been used in any way that could be considered a copyright infringement or a violation of your intellectual property rights, please email us at and we will take necessary remedial action including taking the content offline within 48 hours.

What if I become a member and do not like your content?

It's simple. We offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Contact us within 3 days of registration and we'll refund you, no questions asked.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you should wish to cancel your membership for any reason, you can do so from your My Account page or just contact us and we'll take care of it.

I didn't get my activation email?

If you entered a working email during the registration process, you should receive a welcome email from us that contains your login information. Check your Spam folder in your email account as email servers sometimes send the activation email directly to spam.

I can't login?

Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies from You can do this by changing your browser settings.

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