Pawan Jalan
Rhythm, Indian
23 years experience
Pawan is a musician from India with over 20 years of experience with guitar accompaniment for Indian film songs and other popular South Asian music genres including ghazals, bhajans, folk and classical music. Pawan started his music career as a composer-writer-singer in 1992 with "Dilkash", a Hindi Pop album released by HMV. He moved to Canada in 2004 and with his strong ability to play rhythm guitar with both western and indian percussion instruments like tabla and dholak, he became a popular musician on South Asian music shows. He plays regularly with some of the leading bands in Toronto and has played with leading artistes on stage like Anup Jalota, Barkat Sidhu and Gurdeep Singh. Pawan has been teaching rhythm guitar for several years and his simple and unique teaching style has made him extremely popular on the Youtube circuit.

Guitar by Pawan Jalan

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