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Rob Marcello
Danger Danger

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Bobby Koelble
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Crystal Mountain
Lack of Comprehension
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Ehsaan Noorani
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Agar Mai Kahoon
Mera Yaar
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Recent Guitar Lessons

Guitar lesson
Chord Tone Embellishments - Approach By Bobby Koelble
Nov 17, 2014

Guitar lesson
Improvisation 1 By Rob Marcello
Oct 21, 2014

Guitar lesson
Eric Clapton By Mike Dugan
Oct 06, 2014

Recent Song Lessons

Guitar lesson
Kill Dil By Mike Walker
Nov 14, 2014

Guitar lesson
Livin on a Prayer By Mike Walker
Nov 02, 2014

Guitar lesson
Comfortably Numb By Mike Walker
Oct 09, 2014

Recent Bollywood Songs

Guitar lesson
Jaise Mera Tu By Steve Luciano
Nov 21, 2014

Guitar lesson
Kill Dil By Mike Walker
Nov 14, 2014

Guitar lesson
Dooba Dooba By J.J. Pattishall
Nov 09, 2014

Recent Bass Lessons

Guitar lesson
Shadow of the Day By KC Kelly
Jun 28, 2014
Guitar lesson
Teen Town By KC Kelly
Jun 28, 2014
Guitar lesson
Cissy Strut By KC Kelly
Jun 28, 2014

After becoming part of this family ..
Neeraj, UK, July 2013     • read more..

Each lesson inspires me to pickup my guitar every time ..
Allen, US, Nov 2012     • read more..

I spend hours every day with my guitar and Bobby Koelble?s lessons ..
Ajita, India, August 2013     • read more..

special thanks To Mike Walker ..
Adian, India, April 2013     • read more..

lessons are excellent ..
Velma, Canada, Mar 2013     • read more..

Well worth the money ..
Robert, UK, Oct 2012     • read more..

I?ve greatly improved my guitar playing ..
Daniel, US, Feb 2013     • read more..

Happy to be a member ..
Agniv, India, April 2013     • read more..

It's been great so far ..
Avinash, India, March 2013     • read more..

Authentic way of playing Indian songs ..
Abhi, India, Oct 2012     • read more..

Thanks Mike ..
Jim Roesser, US, June 2014     • read more..

Beginners Guitar Lessons

Beginners Guitar Series

Acoustic & Electric guitar, Chords and Scales, Melodies, Rhythm Guitar

Guitar Warm up Exercises

Right Hand & Left Hand Exercises, Advanced Patterns, Using Metronome

Basic Improvisation

Rhythm & Note Sub-division, Major Scales, Creating Motifs

Guitar Song Lessons

Beginners Guitar Songs

Brown Eyed Girl, Hotel California, Jumper, Use Somebody

Sing and Play Guitar

Layla, Sultans of Swing, Tears in Heaven, Hey Joe, Something

Guitar Songs with Solos

Mr. Crowley, Hey Joe, Stormy Monday, Symbolic, Walk, Old School

Topic Based Guitar Lessons

Chords and Rhythm

Major, Minor, and Seventh Chords, Chord Switching, Rhythm Pyramid

Techniques Study

Vibrato, Bending, Speed Mechanics, Legato, Economy Picking

Tapping Series

Tapping Mechanics, Four Notes Pattern, Tapping in Patterns

Style/Genre Lessons

Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues Ending & Turnaround, Changing Keys, Blues Improvisation

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Dominant Chord Voicings, Jazz Soloing, Chord Analysis, Soloing Analysis

Metal Guitar Lessons

Metal guitar, Tonality & Scales, Power Chords, Palm Muting, Rhythms

Speed & Shredding

Speed Mechanics

Two & Three Notes per string, Cyclic & Burst approach, Economy Picking

Sweeping and Arpeggios

Three String Arpeggios, Chord Inversions, Major & Minor Arpeggios

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