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In this series, instructor Mike Walker demonstrates warm up exercises and patterns for better movement and co-ordination of both the hands while playing guitar. Also, Mike demonstrates the use of a metronome for practice.

  9 videos   •   0:52 Hours

In this series, you will learn about different techniques of guitar playing. Instructor Bobby Koelble demonstrates techniques like bending, vibrato, economy picking and legato (for intermediate players). Also, you will learn about the mechanics of speed picking.

  58 videos   •   5:32 Hours

In this series, instructor Steve Luciano demonstrates the major scale and its different positions. Also, instructor Mike Walker demonstrates the pentatonic scale and goes deeper into the major scale and its different modes.

  87 videos   •   7:38 Hours

In this series, instructor Mike Walker goes into detail about tapping. Beginners will learn one and two string tapping techniques, while intermediate players will learn how to play tapping licks in scales. Also, advanced players will learn how to do polyphonic tapping and develop independence in their hands for six to eight finger tapping ideas.

  29 videos   •   2:38 Hours

In this series, instructors Bobby Koelble and Mike Walker demonstrate different techniques of shredding. Here, you will learn how to develop techniques like economy picking, legato and tapping. Also, you will learn how to develop speed in your playing through correct hand motions and coordination.

  40 videos   •   3:46 Hours

In this series, instructor Rob Marcello demonstrates different types of arpeggios and the sweep-picking technique for 3 string to 6 string sweep-picked arpeggios. Along with the common major, minor, and seventh arpeggio shapes, you will also learn about chord inversions and diminished arpeggios.

  45 videos   •   3:36 Hours

Here , instructor Bobby Koelble discusses and demonstrates different ways of improvisation and how you can make your playing more creative and interesting. Also, beginners will learn how to improvise over basic chord progressions and how they can improve and progress. From basic theory to more advanced nuances of playing, this series covers it all.

  94 videos   •   9:25 Hours

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